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Methodologies and algorithms
for studies in designing and ensuring efficient operation of gas-turbine power plants

"Methodologies and algorithmsů" were worked out primarily for the Naval Academy students who study the issues of designing and operation of ship gas-turbine power plants. Solution algorithms were developed in MATHCAD and EXCEL environments. From the standpoint of the author, the developed algorithms are quite clear and convenient for examining different variants and searching for optimal solutions. Quite a long period of the use of said algorithms when teaching the subject at the Ship Building Faculty of the Naval Academy has showed that they are suitable for independent studying by students and that they are graphically informative, provide for the acceptable accuracy of calculations and that they are quite helpful in intensifying and upgrading the teaching proc4ess quality. In terms of their level many of these methodologies could be used for solving problems in designing and scientific research institutions and by experts engaged in practical operation of gas-turbine power plants. The contents of the proposed methodologies were corrected several times based on discussions with professors and teachers of Chairs 34 and 35. The author would like to express his gratitude to colleagues for all their help and suggestions.

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Programm ╣1. Technique intended for the evaluation of efficiency of GTS
Programm ╣3. Technique for the calculation of availability factor of GTS
Programm ╣6. Calculation of cycle parameters of GTS with regeneration
Programm ╣7. Calculation of parameters of a cycle of GTS with regeneration and IC

Programm ╣8. Calculation of cycle parameters of GTS on reduced capacity modes

Programm ╣ 13.Calculation of optimal terms of maintenance for GTS
Programm ╣ 14. Calculation of the effectiveness of maintenance system for GTS